Kombucha Tea Benefits

Kombucha is a fermented tea beverage made from tea that is combined with beneficial bacteria and yeast cultures. It has a pleasant mild fizziness and is attributed with these health boosting properties:

Kombucha is considered to have antibiotic effects, partly due to its high acidity, which suppresses the growth of many pathogens, and partly due to other, as yet undetermined factors. In one study, kombucha that was brought to a neutral pH had antibiotic properties, implying factors other than acidity that give this beverage its reputation as a natural antibiotic.

Kombucha is capable of neutralizing the damaging effects of some toxins. It does this while preserving levels of key antioxidants in the body, giving it antioxidant status. It also increases antibody levels during an immune response.

Your liver will love you for drinking kombucha. According to some studies, kombucha prevents elevations in liver enzyme levels, which rise in response to excessive levels of toxins or other stressors.

Animal studies show that laboratory animals that are given kombucha show greater behavioral adaptability.

As a precaution, some controversy exists regarding the safety of kombucha. If you choose to brew kombucha at home follow strict hygienic precautions to prevent contamination or purchase a reputable commercial brand.


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